The CCAAC has endorsed the campaign – so can you!

Up for Debate is a pan-Canadian conversation on gender justice and equality, and a call for all political parties to make meaningful commitments to change women’s lives for the better. We want all parties to:

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  • Get serious about ending violence against women and girls
    Take a comprehensive, well-resourced approach to addressing the root causes of violence against women in Canada, including the extreme levels of violence against Aboriginal women and girls. Provide support for survivors, hold perpetrators accountable, challenge sexism that perpetuates violence, and show leadership on the international stage to end violence against women in all forms.
  • Take action to end women’s economic inequality
    Address growing economic inequality and income gaps, including between women themselves. Recognize women’s contributions to the economy and society, and fund public services and social programs that help lift women out of poverty, beginning with universal childcare, affordable housing, and fairer immigration policies. Significantly increase the percentage of Canada’s international development budget that is specifically allocated to advance gender justice and women’s empowerment.
  • Support women’s leadership
    Recognize the fundamental role that women’s organizations play in bringing about positive social change, and re-invest in Canada’s organizations and institutions that champion justice and equality for all women. Create a flagship Canadian fund to support women’s organizations and women’s human rights defenders around the world.

This must start with a nationally broadcast leaders’ debate on issues identified by women. Over 30 years ago during the 1984 election, political party leaders John Turner, Brian Mulroney, and Ed Broadbent did just that.

Take action today –  join the millions of Canadians in supporting the call for a federal leaders’ debate on issues identified by women.

Join the conversation on Twitter and Facebook from now until the 2015 federal election. You can follow our Facebook Page and Twitter account, or use the hashtag #upfordebate.