Child Care Priorities

We know that access to good child care options gives parents and caregivers the flexibility to find good jobs, pursue an education and build a better life for their families. The right child care choice means peace of mind for parents… and a rich, safe experience for children, building the foundation for life-long learning.

Our federal, provincial and territorial governments have a responsibility to work together to ensure that child care is…


Every family in Canada, no matter where they live, deserves access to child care. And that applies to every child, whether their parents are employed, looking for a job, unable to work or studying. It applies regardless of a child’s language, culture or disabilities.

And governments shouldn’t just target child care services to vulnerable or low-income families. Children from all social and economic backgrounds should be entitled to participate and learn together.


Child care should be available at an affordable fee (or no fee) across our country. The existence of child care doesn’t mean anything if it’s priced out of a family’s reach. That’s especially important because child care can make all the difference in helping a family with young children rise out of poverty.


Families come in all shapes and sizes — and every child has their own unique strengths and challenges. Child care services must have the flexibility and resources to accommodate the diverse needs of children with physical or mental disabilities.

…and high-quality

Every child deserves the best start to their lives we can give them. Quality child care starts with highly-skilled staff, with only a few children for every adult. It means plenty of interesting, stimulating activities and materials — balanced with quiet play and rest time — all in a safe environment.

Quality child care means you know when you pick up your child at the end of the day, they’ll be happy, healthy and eager to share what they did (and learned!) today.

That’s Our Vision for Child Care

— in every community, in every province and territory, for every family that needs it.