Update: Rethink Child Care

This campaign is the result of a group effort of Canadian unions and child care advocates.


The goal of the campaign is simple: to put child care back on the agenda and make it a priority in the 2015 federal election. To get there, we need to change the way Canadians are thinking and talking about child care, to see it less as an individual issue and more as a collective concern requiring government action. To start the conversation, the campaign launched a new  website, video and a toolkit to host Kitchen Table Conversations: small, informal gatherings where participants share their stories about trying to find or afford child care. Kitchen Table Conversations are being held across the country and  everyone has a child care story to tell. Many of the stories are profound, many absurd, and some tragic. All reveal the pressing need for government action to support modern families to deal with modern problems of balancing work and family life.


It’s time to rethink child care.