Toolkit: Meet with 2019 Election Candidates

Meet with 2019 Election Candidates

Meeting with candidates is an effective way of making child care an election issue.  By meeting with candidates, you can show that child care is a voters’ issue. If candidates across the country are being asked about child care, the central offices of political parties will soon hear about it. This helps make child care an issue of concern for political parties and their leaders.

Meeting with candidates gives you a chance to hear their position. Letting others in your community know what the candidates are saying puts political pressure on the candidates to commit to the right things.

How to secure a meeting

  • Email the candidate or go visit the candidate’s headquarters to set up a meeting. If you don’t receive a response within a week, follow up with phone calls.
  • In your meeting request be sure to say you are a voter in the riding. If you are connected to a local child care program, mention this too.
  • Let the candidate know if others will be joining you. A candidate will find it more difficult to say no if you are not meeting on your own.
  • Try to be flexible in the times that you can meet.
  • If the candidate is unavailable for a meeting, request a meeting with a member of the candidate’s staff. You can always tell the staff member you are meeting with that you want to meet with the candidate.

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