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You can help solve Canada’s child care crisis.

Child care rates in most areas of Canada are climbing faster than the rate of inflation. Many parents are spending a huge portion of their income towards child care – if they can find a spot at all.

Canada can do better.

Child Care Now (formerly the Child Care Association of Canada) is a membership-based, non-profit organization that depends on the support of people like you. Help us achieve a system of universal, affordable, high quality and inclusive child care so that children and parents have equal access to programs when they need them.

Your annual membership directly aids Child Care Now in helping to shape the future of child care in Canada. It also keeps you connected to the movement throughout Canada by providing you:

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  • the opportunity to work with hundreds of others advocating for a child care system that is high quality, affordable, accessible, publicly funded, and accountable.

We’ve enjoyed some big successes in the past year; the federal government has started to fund child care once again and arrived at a framework agreement with the provinces and territories – committing the two levels of government to take action to address the child care crisis. But this is only a beginning.

There is much work to be done, and we hope to do it with your help. Become a member of Child Care Now. Whether a new member or a renewing supporter, the child care crisis needs your urgent attention; please take action today.

If you are a resident of BC or Ontario, please consider taking advantage of our reduced rates through our special joint membership programs with the Coalition of Child Care Advocates of BC and the Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care.

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