Take One Minute to Tell your Story

Help get more money in the federal budget for child care

Frustrated by the high cost of child care? Tired of limited options? Worried about the state of child care in our country? You’re not alone. The Standing Committee on Finance is visiting communities for open Pre-Budget Consultations to find out the priorities of Canadians like you. Take this opportunity to tell them your child care story and ensure the federal government knows that affordable, accessible, inclusive child care is your concern.

Participants will have one minute to speak to the committee, on a “first come, first speak” basis. Be creative: tell a personal story, hold a sign or wear a t-shirt, bring your children, share the microphone with your coworkers, friends and neighbours – after all, child care affects all of us.

Did you know?

  • Many Canadians spend almost ¼ of their income on child care
  • When it comes to child care funding, Canada spends less than 34 other industrialized countries
  • A middle-income Toronto family with an infant and three-year old child must pay $36,000 a year for a regulated child care spot – if they can get one

What can be done?

Tell the Federal Government its annual funding commitment for early learning and child care over the next eleven years is not enough. We need more money in future budgets, starting in 2018. Future federal/provincial/territorial child care funding agreements must transform the child care system:

  • Replace parent-fee subsidy systems with full direct public funding of child care services
  • Affordable fees, geared to income with a cap
  • Expand availability: a publicly managed plan to grow the public and non-profit sectors
  • End crisis in recruitment and retention of staff: professional pay, decent working conditions and training and development

Scheduled meetings in your city

  • 3 October: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  • 4 October: Vancouver, British Columbia
  • 5 October: Yellowknife, Northwest Territories
  • 6 October: Calgary, Alberta
  • 16 October: St. John’s, Newfoundland
  • 17 October: Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • 18 October: Montreal, Quebec
  • 19 October: Windsor, Ontario
  • 20 October: Toronto, Ontario

Looking to lead a group? Contact the Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada for key facts and information by email or at (613) 212-0065, Toll free: (866) 620-2753.

Pledge your support to end the child care crisis in Canada, visit childcareforall.ca