Research poll in Manitoba shows huge public support for child care

The Manitoba Child Care Association has just released the results of an important public opinion survey showing overwhelming support for universal child care.   Three in four surveyed agree a universal child care system, where every child who needs a space gets one, ought to be a priority of Manitoba’s new Progressive Conservative government.  The shortage of licensed child care creates significant anxiety for families, worried they will not have a reliable space when they need it.  A majority of Manitobans (58%) agree they are willing to pay a little more in taxes for a universal child care system.

Other findings from the public survey on child care include:

  • more than 80% of Manitobans agree the lack of child care is a serious issue
  • 75% agree early childhood educators should be paid more
  • 75% think child care is too expensive for many parents
  • 64% agree child care should be part of the education system
  • Only 11% think it’s easy to find child care in Manitoba

In a CBC Manitoba story, NDP MLA Nahanni Fontaine said the government needs to invest money to fund public spaces.

“This government looks like it’s frozen in time with a supposed plan that no one has seen yet for home child care,” she said in Question Period at the Manitoba Legislature on Tuesday.

MCCA will be sharing poll results with federal and provincial government leaders and policy makers to ensure they are aware of the need to develop a quality, affordable, reliable child care system that Manitoba families can count on.