October 8th 2015 National Day of Action for the ECEC workforce

Early Childhood Educators and Child Care Workers are the key to quality child care

Vote Child Care 2015 has called a national day of action on October 8th 2015 to recognize that Early Childhood Educators and child care workers are the key to high quality child care.

Child care has been a key election issue and has been discussed by all major parties! Vote Child Care has collected the publicly available details of each party’s child care platform and compared them to the key components of our Vision. There are some great promises for child care in this election but the parties have been silent on their plans to support a well-trained, well-compensated ECEC workforce

Child care workforce coverage:

Child Care NOW federal election 2015 blog series: For a high quality national child care program, we need a high quality child care workforce

Newly released from CCPA: Developing and Supporting a High Quality Child Care Workforce in Canada

Childhood educators poverty-stricken Written by Michelle Lohnes, Chronicle Herald, Oct 6 2015

On October 8th 2015 ECEs (even if you’re not currently working in child care) all across Canada will change their Facebook and Twitter profile photos to the Key to Quality image


We also encourage child care centres, parents and ECEs to appreciate each other on October 8th by participating in the “your awesome is showing” initiative. It’s simple, make a conscious effort to recognize the truly amazing work that your centre and the staff do everyday, you can take photos and share them on Facebook and Twitter with the #VoteChildCare2015 hashtag (please download our permission form if you include children or families in your photos)

Download our Photo booth sign and other shareable materials to send a message to Canada’s political parties about the importance of a strong and professional child care workforce.

Early Childhood Educators matter because….

  • We are the key to QUALITY in a national child care program
  • Professional wages and working conditions are the number one indicator of quality in child care
  • Child care can’t work without us!
  • The quality of child care is only as good as the people who deliver the program!
  • We deserve recognition, respect and decent wages!
  • (from parents) They are the people who make sure our children get the highest quality education and care.
  • (from parents) They support us to go to work with peace of mind that our children are learning and well cared for.

By doing this we hope to remind each party and each candidate that professional wages and working conditions are the number one indicator of quality in child care.

Rock the parent vote

Are you ready to Rock the Parent Vote?

Rock the Parent Vote is a contest for Canadian Early Childhood Educators to do their best to promote voting for childcare in the 2015 Canadian Federal Election. Parents are busy; let’s remind them to get political.

How are you reminding parents and family members to vote? How are you spreading information about childcare as a federal election issue? Let us know, for your chance to win!

Visit rocktheparentvote.com