Better salary and benefits for ECE

I am a graduating ECE, I have concerns regarding this field where I am about to enter. First, our current user fees are too expensive for the parents, they are not affortable for parents, the waiting list are too long and there are not enough spaces for child care. And researches showed that ECEs’ wages have not changed much over the years. Although the average pay is around $16, many ECEs get paid less than $16 and the salary stays fixed for many years. ECEs are looking after our children who are our future. ECE deserves to get a better pay and be recognized for their hard work. Although the college of ECEs is established, it’s not enough, and there’s more we can do. As a graduating ECE, Here’s what I believe in:-Early Childhood Educators have the Right to decent pay, salary and benefits-Children have the Right to nurturing environment-Parents have the Right to high quality child care with affordable costs

Yours sincerely,


Story submitted by Ling, ECE student

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